File Extractor: only RAR utility you need

File Extractor is one of the most powerful and simple RAR opener which you can download free of cost right from this page. Just click on the Download button located at the side of this page and you are all set to use the software. You can download the free version with full-fledged functionality and with a free lifetime license. You can do so by just clicking on the green button labeled DOWNLOAD found on home page itself. And for your delight its size is as little as 718KB which is lesser than a MB.

The disk space required by it is also smaller compared to any other extractors currently available in the market. It is not just an unzipper, but a tool which can do more than this.

Process of opening

The download doesn’t take too much of your time and gets finished within seconds or maximum within a min on very slow internet connections. The installation is also quite easy and doesn’t need you to wait for long. The installation interface is user friendly and any one can install it with ease by following the steps appearing on the screen once you start executing it by double clicking on the downloaded .EXE file.

Download this free RAR extractor now!

 Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7

Once you are done with installation, you don’t need to think a lot to learn how to use this extractor. It provides you with three easy to follow steps to open any RAR file. Just follow the following steps and you would be done with your task. Of course you first of all need to run File Extractor to do this.


1. Select the RAR file to be opened and using the simple drag and drop interface just drag and drop your file

2. You need to select the destination folder for the RAR file to be stored.

3. Click “start” to start the process.

And that’s it you are ready to use your opened RAR file stored at the destination folder you specified. Now the files can be viewed, edited, copied and even perform all possible operations on them.

What else?

Now anyone might ask why only File Extractor is to be used as RAR unzipper? The answer lies at its features. It is not just an ZIP/RAR extractor; it can support most of other compression formats like .jar, .zip, .hqx, .cab, .lzh and .arc. Most of these formats are supported individually by other available counterparts. This gives you to capability using one tool to extract many different format files.

The other feature which is most impressive is that it supports Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, and it doesn’t stop there. It is so simple that only by afew clicks your work is done. Now it’s your turn to choose the most featured, powerful, simple, tiny and useful RAR opener tool. File Extractor should be recommended to others in order to make you and your dear ones’ work easier. By trying it once, you will definitely find and note the difference.

Download this free ZIP/RAR extractor now!

 Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7